Electricity GET-PKG002

Glas Ready to go Electricity Package
Getting an electricity bill every one to two months makes managing your electricity costs very difficult. Once installed, this package will allow the user to view their electricity usage every 15mins, if they wish, on their computer screens using the supplied GETLog software. The data can be viewed over longer periods daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. The result of changes made to how you use your electricity can be viewed almost instantly, the advantage of this is that you know if the changes made mean savings to you. Users can view how much electricity their building is using when it is in "sleep mode". If your building is being used for scheduled meetings/courses in Out Of Hours (OOH) it will be easier to put an electricity charge against the particular meeting/course.

This package is targeted at Schools, Offices, Commercial buildings, Shops, Apartment complexes or any building where a user wants to monitor electricity usage. Several buildings can be linked together and viewed in one location, if users have a suitable network system.


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