Remote Device Configuration

Version 0.2.5 of the GET-1032 firmware introduces an important new product feature that allows the GET-1032 configuration be updated remotely.

Using this feature, a GET-1032 data logger automatically recognises and downloads a configuration file whenever it connects to an FTP server to upload Trend Logs. The GET-1032 can be configured to check for a configuration file which has a name uniquely tied to the MAC address of the data logger in question which allows configuration files to be targeted at the correct device. Using the remote configuration feature, most aspects of the GET-1032 can be changed without the need for a site visit.

Using remote configuration the following can be changed (amongst others):

  • Number of Trend Logs
  • Logging interval for Trend Logs
  • FTP upload interval
  • Time Server addresses and frequency of update
  • Modbus or M-Bus point mappings
  • Input and Output point configurations

With this feature, a GET-1032 data logger can even be shipped to site with a minimal configuration and remotely configured once the device is installed.

In addition to the ability to download configuration files from the clients FTP server, there is a recovery mode which can be entered without the need for special software tools that allows the data logger be configured from a file via the GLAS Energy Technology FTP server. In the unlikely event that there is a configuration fault on a GET-1032, untrained local staff can be given simple instructions to place the device into recovery mode and allow remote reconfiguration of the device in question.

The FM Show 2013


GLAS Energy Technology will be exhibiting at the upcoming Facilities Management Ireland exhibition in the RDS on March 6th & 7th.

We will be showing our existing product range and our latest additions - a cost effective GPRS option for our products and a combined Modbus and M-Bus data logger which is ideal for heat meter and electricity applications where mixed protocols may be required.

Please drop by and see us on stand C4 where we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

New Product Release

The GET-1032MB is the latest addition to the GET-1032 family of data loggers. The GET-1032MB adds the ability to log data from M-Bus meters and devices and can support the reading of up to 63 M-Bus values. The GET-1032MB interfaces to an external M-Bus to RS232 or M_Bus to RS485 adaptor which can be sized to accomodate the number of physical meters connected to the M-Bus network.

The GET-1032MB is particularly useful in applications involving heat meters as many of these come with M-Bus as standard or as a low cost option. There are also gas, water and electricity meters available with M-Bus interfaces and a number of other devices such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors and so on.

The Energy Show 2012

GLAS Energy Technology are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at this years SEAI ENERGY show in the RDS Dublin on the 28th and 29th of March.

Please drop by and talk to us on stand K12

Rathmore School

As part of our development process we have been performing live data testing at Rathmore National School where we installed a new pulse water meter on their 50mm water main to allow them monitor their water usage in detail. Prior to this the only way the school could measure their water usage was by taking manual readings from the County Council water meter. This was difficult to do on any regular basis as the water meter is located deep below ground under a heavy manhole cover which is in the middle of the road in front of the school.

Over the course of the last year the school have been able to see detailed water meter readings at 15 minute resolution. This has allowed them to see where they have problems with their water usage and to put plans into place to tackle them. The primary sources of problems have been taps left on overnight; push taps not popping back up and toilets not completing their flush correctly. As a result of this they now have the pupils check every toilet at the end of the day to ensure all taps and toilets are ok.

Based on our experience with Rathmore NS we have designed and implemented the OOH Alert feature of our GET-1032 controller to provide notification for "out of hours" usage which will provide them with an extra level of protection. 

The OOH Alert system allows the school set up a time schedule to define the normal hours of occupancy and then set two trigger levels for water usage outside those hours. The first level is a single event level which triggers if there is usage above that level in any single measurement period. The second level is a multi event level which triggers if the usage is above that level for a number of consecutive readings. Once an OOH Alert is triggered the GET-1032 sends an email to the designated email address(s). Using any one of the readily available email to text services the alert can also be sent on to a mobile phone.