Discover the advantages of getting smarter with energy

Glas Energy TechnologyWe understand that the proper management of energy, water and other resource usage is vital for everyone in today's economic climate, however, without timely and accurate information, it is difficult to achieve. We at GLAS Energy Technology can provide the tools you need to record and monitor your usage in precise detail, using our smart technology.

Our products allow you to see what is happening in real time. This means that the effects of any adjustments you make to your system to reduce your usage can be seen quickly thus allowing you to make decisive action plans. Using real time metering data also allows you to see issues before they become expensive problems, saving you money and effort. Energy measuring will be at your fingertips so you have the power to control how best to use it.

Because we have designed our family of flexible products with Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) in mind, our products can be used as a standalone system or in conjunction with existing systems. Open communications protocols such as BACnet, MODBUS, Wireless M-Bus and ZigBee are at the heart of our products to ensure they can integrate with ease.

We offer our own products and selected third party products to provide you with a complete solution for many applications.