About Us

GLAS Energy Technology is an Irish company specialising in the development and supply of products for the monitoring of energy usage. We design and produce hardware and software products for monitoring electricity, water, oil, gas and other resource usage. Our products are based on more than 14 years experience of developing software for Building Energy Management Systems.

We use a combination of our own products and selected third party products to provide a very flexible and innovative system for monitoring energy usage. We have designed and developed our range of hardware devices and application software for the global market and we have a firm commitment to using industry standards for communication to enable our products to integrate smoothly with other products.

GLAS Energy Technology has made good use of the Open Source BACnet at http://bacnet.sourceforge.net in the course of our development and we now maintain the Dynamic C Version of the stack which can be found at http://bacrabbit.sourceforge.net.

We are firmly committed to continuing our contributions to these two stacks and helping to improve the availability of quality Open Source BACnet tools.