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We understand that the proper management of energy, water and other resource usage is vital for everyone in today's economic climate, however, without timely and accurate information, it is difficult to achieve. We at GLAS Energy Technology can provide the tools you need to record and monitor your usage in precise detail, using our smart technology. Our products allow you to see what is happening in real time. This means that the effects of any adjustments you make to your system to reduce your usage can be seen quickly thus allowing you to make decisive action plans. Using real time metering...


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GLAS Energy Technology is an Irish Company specialising in the development and supply of products for monitoring electricity, water, oil, gas and other resource usage.

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We at GLAS Energy Technology can provide a range of services designed to give you a more complete solution.

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Water & Electricity Monitoring

Water & Electricity Package

This combined package will give you all you need to start monitoring your usage of water and electricity in real time and without having to wait for weeks before you can see your usage on your utilities bill. Once installed, this package will allow the user to view their water and electricity usage every 15mins, if they wish, on their computer screens using the supplied GETLog software.


GET-1032 Standard Controller

Hydra Technology standard controllerThis is the entry level device which supports the capture of data from non intelligent wired devices via the use of pulse capture.

The following standard features of this model are shared with all the GET-1032 family of devices:

8 x 12bit analog inputs, supporting 0-10Vdc, 0-20mA, 4-20mA and a range of resistive temperature sensors.


GET-1001WM Wireless Gateway

wireless gatewayThe GET-1001WM Wireless Gateway converts any pulse meter to a Wireless M-Bus Meter.

The GET-1001WMs battery provides in excess of 10 years data transmission when transmitting data every 15 minutes.

Due to long lead times, we request customers contact us via email to order this product at the moment.


GET-1001WM + USB adaptor + software